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4th Stimulus Check Update: Will Social Security Recipients Receive Payments in 2022?


When it comes to stimulus payments, many Social Assistance beneficiaries wonder whether they will qualify for them and need to take any action as the fourth round of stimulus money begins to be disbursed. Fortunately, the IRS has helped clear up a lot of the confusion, so if you’re stumped and looking for answers, we’ve got you covered.

While experts attempt to anticipate the long-term ramifications of COVID-19, one advocacy group is petitioning Congress for the fourth supply of stimulus funds.

On October 4th, the Senior Citizens League (SCL) urged Congress to send out a $1,400 stimulus check to seniors claiming Social Security benefits.

The statement begins by stating that, “Today, seniors who have spent their retirement funds are calling us in tears because they are now eating only one meal per day or eliminating medications in half because they can no longer afford them.”

Despite the fact that a further stimulus check for the general public is unlikely, an influential non-partisan organization is attempting to persuade Congress to provide Social Security beneficiaries with a $1,400 payment to combat inflation.

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Our Senior Citizens Association contacted members of Congress in the Senate and House to propose a focused stimulus program for seniors.

The letter reads, “We’ve heard from thousands of them [seniors] who have depleted their retirement savings, who have cut their pills in half because they can no longer afford their prescription drugs, to name just a few of the drastic measures so many have had to take because of what inflation has done to them this year. So many people have written to tell us that their government has forgotten about them.”

Social Security payments will see one of the highest cost-of-living adjustments in years, with hikes of more than 6% by 2022. On the other hand, the Senior Citizens League thinks that this will be insufficient, and it may push some community members into higher tax categories. At the same time, Social Security payouts rose by only 1.3 percent.

However, not only elders are looking for a further stimulus payment. Over 2.9 million individuals have submitted a Petition on change.org “asking Congress to promptly assist persons with a $2,000 payout for adults and even a $1,000 payout for children, and to continue regular testing throughout the disaster.”

  1. Brenda Lalla says

    They did forget about us I haven’t received any state stimulus or fed stimulus money. It’s like seniors don’t matter, I say “seniors lives matter” where’s the help, rent, food, medication, gas prices, there’s nothing left if even enough to spend a night out with grandkids. I feel so terrible when they say let’s go to the show or out to eat and I can’t do it. Where’s the help ?

  2. GLame says

    It seems as if we’re getting a little more benefits on our checks but them you take away some of the benefits by either high social premiums and you take away some of your snap benefits became of the raise. So how are we benefiting? You give one and take away another?

  3. Navalin Adams says

    We ssi recipients need stimulus check also our government has over look is and that a sad case of neglect for people that disabled,vets, senior we are just making it month to month if that we have no help from government
    Yes we need stimulus check ASAP!!!!it’s true by the time rent comes out of ssi payment electric there is no money to cover our medicine,glasses ect.it damn time we receive a stimulus check also

  4. Nicolaas Pluymakers says

    The government isn’t the government just totally forgetting about us senior citizens is passing out all this money for families and everything as are getting quite a bit but nothing for the seniors this is ridiculous we’ve paid our dues we can’t help it that the government has spent the Social Security money on a lot of stuff that didn’t help or didn’t work and who’s paying for it now we are that’s ridiculous

  5. Nicolaas Pluymakers says

    I don’t have a website and I don’t know of any seniors that do lucky for me and my neighbor showed me I could make this comment on my phone but I don’t even have a computer or know how to use one

  6. Brenda Busch says

    We seniors really need help yesterday with living expenses inflation is eating us alive PLEASE HELP us seniors with checks like seniors citizens league proposed a emergency stimulus check for social security beneficiaries WHY NOT???1400$ NOW NOT LATER we are struggling and begging for help 1400$.

  7. Dorris Johnson says

    A lot of seniors need extra money and a lot of these parents are not using this money wisely nor the food stamps how can you give 2-4,000. of food stamps and stimulus money to one house hold and give a senior nothing and 19.00 in food stamps and what are they going to buy with 19.and they have worked 29- 40 years on a job and now raising their grand children I think these parents have gotten enough get a job for the ones that are not working some seniors can’t even but their medicine give the seniors some extra money they buying 100. Shoes and TVs and selling the stamps stop makin it easy for them give the seniors a break

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