4th Stimulus Check Update: Final payments of 2021 are arriving this week

Millions of individuals in the United States of America have benefited greatly from stimulus checks issued by the federal govt even during the COVID-19 epidemic. Still, these payments have since been discontinued by the federal government. Governments at the state level are now in charge of putting up financial assistance programs for their constituents.

Many individuals are confused about what benefits are available since some states give a fourth stimulus check while others offer alternate possibilities.

Tax breaks, prolonged benefits programs, unemployment benefit hikes, the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit, and other innovative measures in specific states broaden the scope of financial assistance available in the United States beyond stimulus payments.

In addition to making your life a little simpler, our thorough reference to all of the help available for each of the United States’ 50 states will allow you to easily identify where stimulus checks are being created and how much money is being distributed. We will also explain how to qualify for and submit an application for the funds.

Stimulus Checks Updates: Recent Stimulus news

The fourth round of stimulus checks has already been sent in several states, and others are prepared to introduce additional laws to assist Americans in the coming months.

As the year 2021 draws to a close, each state is already preparing for its financial assistance programs in the future.

From Alabama to Wyoming, here is our complete state-by-state reference to the stimulus checks and payments that have been made available to individuals, as well as where they may be found.


In Alabama, the probabilities of obtaining another stimulus cheque are slim to none. The state administration created the ‘All Together’ campaign. However, this offers nothing to alleviate COVID-19-related hardship for citizens and companies.

Notifications from the Alabama state legislature are few and far between, with the most recent news coming out of the nation being that Gov. Kay Ivey has passed into law a slew of bills that will pave the way for the state to begin construction of new prisons with federal assistance funds shortly.


“It’s absolutely within our power to assist citizens in managing their costs with a supplementary PFD of 1,236 dollars,” said Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy. They wish to move the extra earnings the state gained in November from higher oil production to the wallets.

Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) is an abbreviation for Permanent Fund Dividend, and the state government is campaigning for it to assist households. In addition, the state is looking at ways to assist people with their winter heating expenditures.


Terrible news for Arizona residents: there is no indication that the state will give a new kind of additional funding in the wake of COVID-19, with Governor Doug Ducey intending to utilize federal money to push individuals to find jobs rather than pay them not to work as part of COVID-19.

The state’s Back to Work Program provides a one-time payment of 1,000 dollars to jobless individuals who accept part-time work and 2,000 dollars to unemployed individuals who accept full-time employment.


Arkansas has even taken the state to court in a legal fight against its inhabitants after the federal unemployment benefits worth $300 per week were terminated earlier than expected.

Twenty-six states withdrew their support before the end of the year, with Arkansas being one of them, indicating that this isn’t a state eager to provide our money to its inhabitants.

On the other hand, Arkansas offers the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which gives financial support to low-income households to purchase food.

California Golden State Stimulus II

California has been the most generous to its inhabitants so far, introducing the Golden State Stimulus in two parts: Golden State Stimulus I and Golden State Stimulus II. The Golden State Stimulus is the state’s response to the financial crisis.

The Golden State Stimulus II checks were in the range of 600 to 1,100 dollars and were due to be delivered by October 31 but were not. However, some taxpayers who filed their taxes late or slated to get paper checks may receive a new stimulus check in December due to the new law.


Colorado still offers a variety of financial aid programs for people who need help. “Despite the delivery of COVID-19 vaccinations, the pandemic and its economic effects continue to harm Colorado, and we understand that Coloradans have to need services to people,” the state government said.

People may apply for income support, child care help, job aid, energy assistance, and food assistance via the state government’s website, which has links to each of these programs.


Connecticut’s “Back to Work” program entailed the distribution of a $1,000 cheque to qualifying candidates who returned to work following eight weeks on unemployment benefits. According to the state, it was proclaimed by Governor Ned Lamont in September 2021 and is still in effect as of December 2021.


In December, Delawareans will not get stimulus cheques. Despite this, the state has spent 50 million dollars in federal stimulus funds on the job training for jobless individuals and students, determining that putting people back to work is the most effective economic stimulus available.

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It was announced that Florida would get a fourth stimulus cheque for 1,000 dollars. However, this was only applicable to certain personnel, such as teachers and first responders. 

These one-time rewards to employees in Florida were intended to express gratitude to individuals who had stood up during the outbreak.


Georgia is another state that has prioritized the needs of educators. A total of 1,000 dollars was distributed to full-time teachers and leaders, with 500 dollars distributed to part-time instructors. Pre-K instructors were also supposed to get compensation.


Legislators were offering teachers in Hawaii a stipend of $2,200. Governor David Ige, however, vetoed the bill, claiming that legislators did not have the jurisdiction to direct the Department of Education on how to spend federal funds.

However, Governor Ige has sought to assist the Hawaii people via other means. His island’s administration will utilize federal funding to offset some living expenses, such as education, that Hawaiians face daily.


Taxpayers in Idaho got a one-time return of fifty dollars from the state. However, this was a one-time donation that had already been forgotten by locals who had anticipated a bigger sum of money to be made available.

Idaho was amongst the first states to opt out of federal unemployment benefits. Therefore the situation has been difficult for the state.


State-level stimulus checks were never contemplated in Illinois, and no such plan was ever implemented. However, the state has been generous with several other benefits, including unemployment compensation, child tax credit, and earned income tax credit.


On June 19, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb announced the early termination of jobless benefits. That was more than a month ahead of the September 6 deadline set out in the American Rescue Plan.

Jobseekers in Indiana initiated legal action against the state, resulting in a lengthy court struggle. Ultimately, after much toing and froing, Indiana grudgingly agreed to continue paying unemployment benefits to qualified individuals until the federal termination date was reached.

However, if it is possible to avoid so, this is not a state interested in providing much financial assistance.


There were no arrangements in Iowa for a fourth stimulus check to be distributed at the state level from the beginning of the stimulus program. It was also one of the first states to opt-out of the federal unemployment insurance programs, having done so in 1989.


About 17 million dollars in stimulus cheques were either denied, refunded, or not cashed by the state of Kansas, according to Internal Revenue Service statistics (12,921 checks). Nevertheless, there is no new data on whether or not Kansas will give further stimulus checks shortly.


As a consequence of the rise in Kentucky’s unemployment rate, there has been some speculation about a new round of stimulus payments. However, there is already good news in the state, thanks to the cost-of-living adjustment of 5.9 percent next year, which is the biggest increase in the state as of 1982.

According to the most recent report, more Kentucky citizens will profit from this since there are now 1,009,092 Kentucky people getting Social Security payments.


Hurricane Ida and the coronavirus have made landfall in Louisiana, causing widespread devastation. As a result, folks in Louisiana are eligible for financial assistance.

To help people whose houses were badly damaged by Hurricane Ida, the Red Cross has been getting immediate financial aid. 

Survival survivors may be entitled to a one-time payment of 500 dollars from the government and assistance with temporary lodging while processing their case.


Maine is one of the states that does not intend to receive another round of stimulus funding until 2021.


When it came to coronavirus relief payments, Maryland was one of the more generous states, with no state or municipal taxes assessed on unemployment compensation payouts.

In addition, people who applied for the earned income tax credit were given a stimulus check ranging between $300 and 500 dollars by the state. In addition, around 700 million dollars were put aside for agricultural workers and meat producers to benefit from.


Given that most of the coronavirus relief money has been directed into housing in recent months, it appears that Massachusetts will not be receiving any further stimulus funds shortly.

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To improve the economic circumstances of the residents of Michigan, the state-issued 500-dollar hazard pay bonuses to its teachers. 

However, it sparked debate since parliamentarians also used the coronavirus rescue money to pay themselves these risk pay incentives, which they were required to reimburse the government.


It has recently been stated that Minnesota did not suffer any tax revenue losses due to the coronavirus outbreak. It indicates a significant surplus, and state politicians debate how to spend it on this issue.

Some have called for infrastructure investment, while Minnesotans hope for another round of stimulus funding.


Mississippi was among the first states to have its unemployment benefits stimulus payments terminated early. Presently, there are no plans to extend the program’s payment of jobless benefits stimulus checks. Rather, the focus is on spending 1.8 billion dollars from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.


Compared to other areas, Missouri citizens have not received much financial help. It was also one of the first states to phase out the national unemployment insurance program, which ended in 1996.


When it came to Montana, state authorities decided early on not to offer further stimulus cheques to utilize coronavirus funds to support local infrastructure projects, including 86 water and sewage projects.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Nebraska’s unemployment rate was under 2.2 percent in November 2021. Because it is the lowest of all states, state legislators are under minimal pressure to increase the number of stimulus cheques they send out.


Nevada has gained a considerable amount of national funding, but the state will not be receiving a fourth stimulus payment. On the other side, the Child Tax Credit provides between 3,000 and 3,600 dollars per child to practically all working families in Nevada, depending on their income.

Half of the credit will be spread in monthly installments starting in July and persisting via December 2021, with the other half to be spread via tax repayments in 2021, according to the IRS.

With the casino business in the state generating almost one billion dollars per month, Nevada is doing very well responding to the COVID-19 epidemic. However, they understand that if stimulus checks are no longer required, this may be reduced in certain cases.

New Hampshire 

A subsidy of $1,086 a month is awarded to a family of three from the United States who have no source of income in the state of New Hampshire. At the moment, it is the primary source of financial assistance.

New Jersey

Although citizens of New Jersey are unlikely to get a fourth stimulus check, they may be eligible for tax refunds of up to $500.

New Mexico 

New Mexico citizens who received stimulus cheques were required to make their payments by the end of November. The state was issuing stimulus payouts to more than 4,000 low-income people.

They may be eligible for financial assistance of up to 750 dollars. However, applications were accepted until October, but the deadline has passed.

New York 

To help citizens get through this terrible period, the city of New York has chosen an unconventional approach. For example, Governor Kathy Hochul has increased the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) payout, effective in October of this year.

In addition, a 2.1 billion dollar fund has been established in New York for illegal employees who were unable to seek financial assistance via the federal stimulus program. Additionally, beginning in November, the state would provide $100 million to people in tourism-related positions that have been eliminated.

North Carolina 

There is no new information available from North Carolina on stimulus funds or other types of financial assistance at this time.

North Dakota 

The North Dakota Department of Education received approval from the United States Department of Education in August 2021 to utilize its American Rescue Plan monies to assist K-12 schools and students, with 101 million dollars awarded to the state in this area. 

On the other hand, some payments took longer to arrive, and some qualified people are still waiting.


According to current plans, Ohio will not get a fourth stimulus payment. On the other hand, the state has arranged several alternative efforts to assist locals, which may be seen on the state’s official website.


Oklahoma’s method was intended to reduce unemployment rates, which is why the state paid a one-time payment of $1,200 to people who could go off unemployment benefits and into the workforce.


Since August, there have been no further actions regarding the COVID-19-related relief money for citizens of Oregon.

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Pennsylvania has not extended any fresh stimulus funds to its inhabitants. It is generating some consternation in the state, which is said to have $7 billion in federal payments that have not been used.

Rhode Island 

Workers in Rhode Island were looking for a fourth $1,400 stimulus check dollars, sent to Social Security beneficiaries. Despite extensive internet campaigning, it has yet to materialize.

South Carolina 

South Carolina received $8.8 billion due to Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan Act. Although certain funds for coronavirus alleviation have not been allocated, a large portion of the money will be used for education.

In the words of Governor Henry McMaster, “We have a lot of money that we can put to good use, and we’re in a terrific position to make some significant moves, some revolutionary ones.”

South Dakota 

South Dakota was the only state to opt-out of receiving the government-subsidized 300 dollars weekly unemployment compensation, in the form of Lost Wages Assistance, which was available for up to six weeks beginning in August and was sponsored by the federal government.


A renewed batch of payments has been created in Tennessee, but just to a select group of employees. The Tennessee state regulation enacted a measure to provide teachers with hazard pay to express their gratitude for their efforts throughout the epidemic.

Full-time instructors were to get a $1,000 bonus, while part-time teachers would receive a $500 payment. These checks are expected to come by the end of 2021, which means that if they haven’t already, they should arrive in December, if not sooner.


Although nothing has been established at the state level, several school districts have increased their teacher salaries. For example, the cities of Fort Worth and Arlington will raise the wages of district workers by 4%.

Two percent will be implemented in Denton and Mansfield, with a 500-dollar bonus being offered to Denton staff as a further incentive.


According to a report published in July, Utah families got the most lucrative stimulus checks in the third round of payments, with the average check valued at $2,784.

Because of this, as well as the fact that the state had the second-lowest unemployment rate in the country in November 2021 (2.9 percent), no more stimulus checks are expected.


It may not be a traditional stimulus check in the traditional sense, but there is money to be earned in Vermont for people who want to migrate there from other states.

A maximum of $7,500 will be reimbursed to people who relocate to the state after July 1, 2021. The same amount will also be offered to those who relocated as remote employees to the state beginning February 20, 2022.


Although there are no plans for a new stimulus check at the state level, one tiny town in Virginia intends to provide more funds to its inhabitants.


Despite requests in Washington for the fourth round of inspections, the state has chilled discussions about the feasibility of such a measure.

West Virginia 

According to federal data, thousands of stimulus cheques went unclaimed in West Virginia. People were encouraged to verify their eligibility by the state government, which is still feasible today.

In other areas, the state government concentrates on providing emergency housing vouchers to individuals in desperate need.

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Wisconsin implemented the Wisconsin Emergency Rental Assistance (WERA) program earlier in 2021 than the rest of the country. Another service offered by the state is an Emergency Assistance program, under which families in need may receive a one-time payment.


In Alabama, the chances of receiving another stimulus cheque are slim to none. The state administration created the ‘All Together’ campaign. However, this offers nothing to alleviate COVID-19-related hardship for citizens and companies in the state.

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Updates from the Alabama state government are few and far between, with the most recent news coming out of the state being that Gov. Kay Ivey has signed a slew of bills into law that will pave the way for the state to begin construction of new prisons with federal assistance funds shortly.

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