4 Texas students were arrested throughout the walkout chaotic protest

According to the school community, four scholars from Little Elm High School in Texas were caught after a sit-down protest became confused. The student planned demonstration was linked to a claimed sexual crime occurrence, including a classmate.

“This morning, scholars at Little Elm HS had organized a student protest inside the college that made some students work in a method that made a significant disturbance,” the Little Elm Independent School District (LEISD) stated in a report published on Friday.

“Four young scholars were jailed for violating Little Elm Police officers.”

“Leaders from Little Elm ISD and Little Elm Police Department fought collectively to ensure the view to secure the security of everyone at the school,” the report continued.

The community declared the protest was created as “a consequence of a social media post the day before that included incorrect information about an occurrence that occurred a month before.”

City spokes guy Erin Mudie said that “four young students were caught for violating on deputies.”

Viral videos published on social media display Little Elm police magistrates pepper spraying and tasing a scholar inside the institution, as FOX 2 Dallas-Fort Worth initially announced.

Kailey, a scholar who, for security purposes, asked to be recognized by her original name alone, explained the scene.

“There had been supporting running throughout on social media. I had noticed it on Snapchat. Essentially, students had set a sit-down protest across social media collectively,” she stated. Students prepared to move to Little Elm Principal Dr. Gerald Muhammad’s post.

What began as a calm show got a surprise when some scholars began hitting on Muhammad’s windows and “driving things.” When students understood the head was not in his building, they walked below to protest.

Kailey started three deputies invited to the school and tried to prevent students from running downstairs, but they could drive through them. Once down, everything became more confused.

Police caught a freshman and pepper sprinkled differently before tasing him. “They tased, pepper scattered, and used unnecessary violence on these seniors,” Kailey stated.

Mudie informed that the tased senior got a medical test before officials brought him to a junior detention center.

The high school continued a routine school day after the occurrence, according to LEISD.

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