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32 Shots Fired at a Home in DeKalb County, Killing 2 Siblings


She was in her bedroom when she heard the gunshots.

After opening the door, Valerie Jones discovered that her home had been turned into a crime scene.

Target of a Hail of Bullets

The house that the family shared in DeKalb County had been the target of a hail of bullets, and both of her grown children had been injured by them.

Jones said that she called 911 many times after the gunshot that took place on Monday evening at 9 o’clock at her residence on Olde Street, close to Stone Mountain.

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When the first responders finally came, it was too late for her daughter to be saved. Denee Wheelous was 40.

Did Not Survive His Injuries

After that, Jones made use of her training as a certified nursing assistant to attempt to resuscitate her child. Although Darrell Wheelous was carried to the hospital by emergency medical services, he did not survive his injuries and passed away. He was 35.

The incident was the most recent incident in which bullets were fired into residences in the metro Atlanta area.

Lashunda Heath-Ellison passed away from her wounds a few days after being wounded by a stray bullet as she was sleeping in her house in DeKalb earlier this month.

Wounded Four Individuals

According to the reports of the police, a recent drive-by gunshot near the library of Clark Atlanta University wounded four individuals.

According to what she stated, the police in DeKalb County are looking into the incident that occurred on Monday and discovered 32 shot casings at Jones’ residence.

She is unable to fathom the motivations of the person or people who opened fire on her home, murdering her children as they watched television.

“I have no idea. My thoughts have been all over the place,” she said. “To be quite honest, I have no idea.”

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The inquiry reportedly resumed on Wednesday, as stated by the police.

No Arrests Have Been Made

Jones believes that even if investigators discover the reason why her house was chosen as a target, it will provide little solace.

She responded, “At this point, these answers are not going to be of any use to me.”
Their mother has said that Darrell and Denee Wheelous were very close siblings.

According to Denee’s mother, Darrell worked as an electrician, and Denee was in between jobs but loved working at the warehouse.

Denee Wheelous is also survived by her two daughters, aged 22 and 17, who were born after she passed away.

Now, Jones must organise two separate funeral services. A fundraising campaign on GoFundMe has been set up to help pay for the funeral costs.

She said, “You don’t intend on your children passing away before you do, do you?”

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