300th Bus of Asylum-Seeking Migrants Arrives in Chicago

As President Joe Biden continues to disregard the border, the 300th bus packed with migrants departed Texas on Thursday for Chicago, according to Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

In an effort to draw attention to the problem developing at the U.S.-Mexico border, Abbott has been attempting to transfer illegal immigrants released into border communities to liberal areas with sanctuary city rules. This most recent bus operation is a part of that effort.

Abbott tweeted, “The 300th Texas bus of migrants just left for Chicago.” Texas will keep taking extraordinary measures to assist our overburdened border communities and secure the border “while Biden does nothing.”

As record numbers of immigrants continue to overwhelm border officials and the cities where they are released, Abbott and other Republicans have attacked the Biden administration for not doing enough to secure the border.

Since the operation’s beginning in March, he has touted Operation Lone Star, a collaborative effort to tackle border crime and illegal immigration.

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