3 Teens Injured in Shooting Near United Center in Chicago

The incident that took place near the United Center on Thursday morning left three teenagers injured, according to the Chicago police department.

At around 12:14 a.m., bullets were fired from a car in the 2000 block of West Monroe Street, according to the police, while the three victims were standing on the sidewalk nearby.

Three teenagers were wounded in a shooting near the United Center Thursday morning, Chicago police said:

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According to the authorities, a child who was 15 years old was shot in the leg, a man who was 18 years old had a grazing wound to the arm, and a youngster who was 16 years old was wounded in the leg.

Each victim was found to be in stable condition when they were taken to the hospital. There are currently three investigators looking into this case. There is currently no one in custody.

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