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2K+ Mexican Immigrants Try to Enter in the US Illegally!


Over 2,000 immigrants walked from Tapachula, Mexico to the border between the U.S. and Guatemala.

Mostly composed of Central Americans, the caravan also has some Haitians and Africans in its group, explains Irino Mujica of Pueblo Cinn Franteras. 

Women and children make up the majority of them. 

Although the Mexican Migration Service and the National Guard were present, the caravan was still able to leave. 

For the moment, they can’t be stopped by the siege along the way.

Several leaders said in a video that Mexico lacks the resources and opportunities that they have in the U.S.

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Nonetheless, a ‘Stay in Mexico’ rule was implemented by former US President Donald Trump’s administration.

Therefore, asylum seekers were compelled to remain in Mexico throughout their asylum process. 

A federal judge in Texas reversed the ruling after incumbent President Joe Biden overturned it soon after taking office.

So far, the number of people (1.7 million) arrested while crossing the border in Mexico last year was the highest since 2000, according to the United States government. 

They have returned to their home countries in numbers roughly a million.

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