US State Department: 280 Americans Still Stuck in Afghanistan

Ever since President Biden announced complete withdrawal from Afghanistan, US forces have evacuated over 111,000 people including 5,550 Americans from the country.

However, on Sunday, the State Department said that around 250 Americans are still trying to leave Afghanistan before the deadline of August 31.

And out of these 280 Americans, some may already be at the Hamid Karzai International airport or some are on their way to the airport.

The state department spokesperson said they have remained in contact with 280 Americans who have either decided against leaving the country or are still in the process of making up their minds.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin earlier this month told lawmakers that he “was aware” that some Americans and Afghans trying to get to the Kabul airport had “been harassed or even beaten by the Taliban.”

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Furthermore, this Saturday Pentagon confirmed that the U.S. had begun withdrawing the last remaining forces out of the Kabul airport and the Taliban is taking over it under their protection.

Even though the Taliban can’t be trusted, they have assured countries that they will allow Afghans with proper travel authorization to leave Afghanistan after August 31.

With a day remaining for going past the deadline of August 31, it’s highly unlikely U.S. troops would be able to evacuate every afghan asset. I hope this time they would stay on their word.

On August 15, the Afghan collapsed when President Ashraf Ghani left the country & the Taliban took over Kabul.

Since then, the situation in Afghanistan has been deteriorating as afghans are rushing to the Kabul airport and leave the country.

Looking at the situation at the airport, terrorist group ISIS-K took advantage & executed two explosions at the Kabul Airport. The explosions led to the death of 200 people including 13 U.S. officers.

In retaliation, the US military launched drone strikes to eliminate key ISIS-K planners of the Kabul attack.

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