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2 Dead, 16 Injured After Wrong-Way, High-Speed Multi-Vehicle Crash: CPD

Two individuals died Wednesday evening in a wrong-way accident on Chicago‘s South Side.
Seven cars crashed around 87th and Cottage Grove in Chatham.

A black Dodge Charger headed north in the southbound lane of Cottage Grove struck seven automobiles at 5 p.m., police said. The Charger stopped facing southward and caught fire, killing both passengers.

Chicago Fire Department spokesman Larry Langford called it a “terrible collision.” “Among the worst I’ve seen”

Langford’s Charger Caused Chain Reaction

Brown said 16 individuals, including 9 children and 7 adults, were brought to hospitals from the site. Four are badly hurt, and one is “extremely critical.”

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The person who was injured the most was in the car that overturned. Brown said the Dodge Charger was taken from Markham on Wednesday. Brown also found a “long rifle” in the Charger.

Lori Lightfoot urged folks to slow down. “Controllable. “Stop accelerating and follow local speed regulations.” Mayor: Chicago had 150 traffic-related deaths last year and 100 so far this year, Lightfoot said.

Lightfoot: “Many of them involve speed.” “At that pace, you reduce a car’s or a pedestrian’s chance of survival.”

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It will be closed for several hours. Avoid the area, drivers!

The collision is being investigated by Major Accidents.

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