2 Arrests Made in Jewelry Store Safe Robbery

The police quickly caught two people involved in stealing from a jewelry store in Miami-Dade.

Ariel Hernandez, aged 37, was arrested for burglary and stealing, and his partner Michel Avila Delanuez is also accused of the same crimes but is in the hospital after the arrest.

The men are believed to have robbed the store, making a hole in a nearby building and turning off the security system.

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They went for a safe with around $1 million worth of valuable items inside. Using a hook and cable from a stolen tow truck, they dragged the safe through the front door and escaped.

However, the police tracked the tow truck’s location using GPS, and when they reached a warehouse in Hialeah Gardens, they saw the truck trying to hide. Two men were caught, but four ran away.

If anyone knows about the other suspects, they’re encouraged to contact Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS.

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