$1,100 Stimulus Check Will Get Deposited to Your Account This Week

Could you be one of those who are owed a stimulus check worth up to $1,100 this week?

According to fingerlake1, soon, Californians are receiving the second round of Golden State Stimulus II payments this week, which are part of a package of state stimulus measures.

Over 800,000 Californians will receive the stimulus checks under the Golden State Stimulus II package.

This is the second Golden State Stimulus economic relief bill signed by Newsom included $100 billion in budget bills.

Beginning from Monday, 750,000 checks will be sent out.

Meanwhile, its delivery to Californians could take up to three weeks.

With the previous golden state stimulus checks, to date, 4.5 million Golden State Stimulus checks have been mailed to California residents.

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The total distribution of $857 million has been made and is being sent via direct deposit or paper check.

Your method of receiving them will depend on how you filed your taxes.

On Oct. 29, direct deposits were made, and checks will begin to be sent out on Nov. 1.

Interested individuals must meet certain requirements such as

  • Submit your taxes by Oct. 15 of 2021.
  • Possess an adjusted gross income under $75,000 for 2020 in California
  • Reside in California for more than half of the tax year
  • Must be a California resident at the time of payment.
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