1 of 3 migrant buses arrive in Philadelphia from Texas

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Three busloads of migrants have arrived in Philadelphia. This influx of people occurs as the crisis along the southern border worsens.

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, CBS3’s Jasmine Payoute was waiting for the first bus at 30th Street Station. She claims that the arrival of the migrants has been like a homecoming.

One family was so excited to see their relatives that they drove from Rochester, New York, to be in Philadelphia when they arrived. They had been waiting for the bus all morning, wondering when it would finally show up.

We anticipate the arrival of two more buses in Philadelphia on Wednesday. About 140 people, hailing from Texas cities like Del Rio and Eagle Pass, are being transported by bus. Hundreds of people of all ages have sought refuge in cities designated as safe havens in recent weeks.

After they get off the bus in Philadelphia, things start moving quickly. When they exit the building, they immediately board another bus that will take them to a center in North Philadelphia where they can access services such as social and legal aid and medical care if necessary.

At the same time, the Biden administration has petitioned the Supreme Court to strike down Title 42 after the holidays. Policy from the time of the pandemic aimed to prevent people from entering the country through the southern border.

It was supposed to expire on Wednesday, but Chief Justice John Roberts has ruled that it must be extended while 19 states challenge the validity of the deadline.

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