1 Dead and 5 Injured in Bronx Subway Station Shooting!

On Monday afternoon, there was a shooting at a Bronx subway station that resulted in one death and five injuries. It occurred on the 4 train platform at the Mount Eden tube station on Jerome Avenue shortly after 4:30 p.m.

According to Naveen Dhaliwal of CBS New York, at least one person is being searched for. No arrests have been made yet. One of the casualties, a 34-year-old male who was thought to be an innocent bystander, was brought to St. Barnabas Hospital, where police sources confirmed he was declared deceased.

Not only that, but a 71-year-old male was also wounded, a 15-year-old male was shot in the thigh and ear, a 28-year-old guy was shot in the right arm, and a 29-year-old lady was shot in the face and neck.

Every injured person has a stable status documented at many hospitals. “Our hearts go out to the victims, for the five people who are injured and also the person whose life was lost,” Janno Lieber, the CEO of the MTA, stated.

According to police sources, the battle on the northbound 4 train is thought to have started before it spilled onto the platform, and some of the victims were just innocent bystanders standing there when the guns were fired.

“As the train pulled into the Mount Eden station, the doors opened up and at least one of the individuals in that group or the two groups took out a gun and fired shots, and more shots were fired while on the platform, and that’s when and where our victims were shot,” Michael Kemper, the New York City Police Department’s Transit Chief,

According to police, they are watching security footage taken by the platform’s cameras. When the shots were fired, witnesses indicated that there were roughly twelve people—including children—on the platform.

“I heard gunshots, running, shooting, like, maybe, six times, five, six times. I heard two children screaming. And then, when I saw the train coming, that’s when I ran downstairs because there was too much noise,” the witness stated.

Witness Efrain Feliciano described the sound as “like firecrackers, like boom, boom, boom, like real loud.” Yanesa Ortega remarked, “A lot of people going down… running.”

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Ortega claimed to have witnessed EMS personnel rushing to assist the injured. “We see that one woman was hit here, a lot of blood. They were doing the CPR,” she said. “They was giving CPR to one boy.”

The shooting was not, according to the mayor’s office, a random act of violence. Several police officers and emergency personnel could be seen at the station in footage from the site.

The NYPD sent a stern warning to the gunman along with a message to tube passengers. “New Yorkers, for which we have 4 million rides a day, you are safe. You will continue to be safe. This was an isolated event. Those responsible, we will find you and we will make sure you are prosecuted,” stated First Deputy Commissioner Tania Kinsella.

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